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Movement sensors


Infrared sensors detecting and transmitting movement in a room wireless via OSC. Developed for Resonance. 

Tech: ESP8266, PIR sensor, laser cutting, MaxMSP 

Sound machines

Programmable self-playing sound machines built in collaboration with Kjersti Alm Eriksen for NEW SKIN

Tech: Arduino, DC motors, laser cutting, Max for Live 

Mikrophonie ctrlBox


For their projects Mikrophonie and Lemuria, the contemorary new music quartet Lemur needed custom hardware to send control signals over large distances. I built these control boxes using Raspberry Pi and a custom PCB with both analogue and digital inputs allowing up to 4 expression pedals and 4 toggle switches to be connected and send data over wired network using Open Sound Control. The expression pedals where used to mix between an inner and outer microphone on each instrument and the toggle switches where used to activate various audio processing in a SuperCollider instrument designed Jeff Carey  

Tech: Raspberry Pi, laser cutting, COSMO Plank, Python

COSMO Plank (custom PCB) designed by Kristoffer Koch for The COSMO Project


Sound installation for kids named Trampeklang (2019). Pressure sensitive pads trigger sounds when stepped on. Different sound banks can be selected using a switch in the control box which handles both trigger sensing and audio playback.

Made for Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra by Bernt Isak Wærstad and Peter Baden

CNC-milling by Thomas Winther

Tech: Velostat, CNC-milling, laser cutting, Bela board, Csound

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